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What Is Legal Process Service

What Is Legal Process Service

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What is legal process service?

When a person, business or corporation is sued, formal notice must be given to the ones involved in the case as a means of informing them about the start of the legal process. This also means that when you are a part of the case, and you have already filed legal documents with the court, the other party must be notified immediately of the filed paperwork. This is what legal process service is for, which means serving the individual involved in the case with the copy of documents filed with the respective court.

In process service, a third person is tasked to deliver the documents to the other party. This individual is referred to as the process server, and it is his or her responsibility to deliver the documents. Without being able to do so, the judge will not be able to make any orders or judgments unless the other side has been notified legally.

A process server must be someone who is not involved in the legal case. These servers are professionals who may be a marshal or county sheriff, and they should be able to serve the documents on the other individual within the required timeline. After serving the papers, a proof of service must be filled out to inform the court about the time, place and person involved upon service. Then, they will return the proof of service to the person involved in the case, which is filed with the court.

In case you decide to hire a server, you need to provide them with a recent photo of the individuals that need to be served, as well as the time and place where the person can be accessed. A local process server is also ideal to save you more money since the rates depend on the mileage and travel time of this individual.