How To Serve a Subpoena on Wells Fargo?

How To Serve a Subpoena on Wells Fargo?

Do you need to serve a subpoena on Wells Fargo Bank?  Sacramento's #1 Process Server Lance Casey & Associates will serve your subpoena.  The Process is easy.  Complete the online form below and upload your documents, email your documents to or fax your documents to (916) 244-2636.  We will personally serve your documents to Wells Fargo's Registered agent.  After service of process, a proof of service form will be emailed to you and the original will be mailed to you.

Who is Wells Fargo's Agent for Service of Process?

Sacramento's #1 Process Server Lance Casey & Associates serves subpoenas in Sacramento to the corporate agent for service of process for several Wells Fargo entities, including Wells Fargo Bank, NA, Wells Fargo Bank, Ltd., and Wells Fargo & Company is Corporation Service Company which will do business in California as CSC - Lawyers Incorporating Service. As the registered agent, CSC accepts service of legal documents (e.g., lawsuits, subpoenas, other legal notices, etc.) on behalf of Wells Fargo.  We serve Corporation Service Company daily.

Wells Fargo Registered Agent


 (800) 683-4769

Complete The Form Below To Serve Wells Fargo

  • Please describe the service of process details: Number of entities to serve, address to serve, number of pages, ect. We serve Corporation Service Company in the US. The base fee is $100 per entity in California. You will be contacted via telephone or email to confirm total amount due. Payment will be obtained online or over the telephone. Make sure you advise if this is an urgent service of process.
  • Upload files to serve. You can also email document to me at, or fax to (916) 244-2636.