How Much Does a Process Server Cost

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How much does a process server cost?

There are several factors that impact the cost charged by process servers. When it comes to routine services, the amount depends on the region or the case. For instance, the overall cost for routine services, or the initial attempt upon receipt of legal papers, is at $100 to as much as $200. The nationwide average cost ranges from $100 to $150. Naturally, rush service or delivering the paper the following day causes the rate to go up. The rate is also charged for each mile that the process server has traveled, and mileage cost depends on how near or how far the recipient it to the origin of the legal documents.


In the case of organizations, a registered agent handles the delivery of legal papers. Moreover, it can either be a business entity or a person that serves as the registered agent. The type of service that applies in this instance is known as a drop service since the legal papers are dropped off. Considering the nature of service, it is generally much cheaper than routine service. What's more, a bulk rate may apply when the process server conducts several drop services to one registered agent.


Lastly, there may be instances when the recipient is always unavailable to claim the legal papers. With this type of situation, this is regarded as a difficult service, which can cost more. This is due to the additional effort by the process server, and extra costs are decided upon by the client and the server. In most instances, investigation rates are applied in this situation, based on the region where it is conducted. Extra expenses that may be charged to the client such as the notary is usually at around $10 to up to $25. Return of service, or when the client is not certain about the residence of the individual to be served, will also result to an additional fee.